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DogGi was created by me, Guto Braga a lifetime Martial Artist.

At the early age of 4 I started Judo, after that Tae-kwon-do, Full Contact, Boxing Thai, Boxing and at the age of 17 I fell in love for Jiu-Jitsu where I met my first Master, a very technical black belt called Jean Jacques Machado and had the privilege to learn from Helio Soneca, Roberto Gordo Correa , Vinicius Draculino, Alexandre Soca Carneiro and many many others. After Jean left Brazil, we all join Master Carlos Gracie Jr and the dysfunctional family got bigger haha, with Renzo, Ralph, Ryan ( R.I.P ) , Roleta, Rommel, Veio, Nino, Conan, Duda, Bruno Severiano and lot’s of world class fighters and more importantly, brothers that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I reached my brown belt under Master Carlos Gracie Jr. and then I moved to the US, where many years later I was awarded of my black belt by the hands of Daniel Gracie under Renzo Renzo team.

I am also a Graphic and Apparel designer for the martial arts world, my company it’s called BJJ GRAPHICS, you can check my work at or . I have clients all around the world and couldn’t be happier with all of them. The Martial Arts World is a big family that respects and supports each other.

I had the idea of making a Gi for Dogs about 3 years ago and just about a year ago i started to put the idea to work. It took me about 10 months a few samples and a lot of time dressing my Dog ( poor guy haha ) to get it perfect. DogGi is truly a work of a person that dedicated most of his life to designing and martial arts and you will see it when you get one for your buddy.

Thank you so much for the support that was always given to me. I am honored to be part of this family. OSS !


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